everything you want to know about our team!

Who we are?

We work together to design and create games and websites that we're proud of.

We want our games to be a reality for our ideas, games we would like to play in ourselves, ones that will bring players a breath of freshness and a touch of nostalgia.

We want our websites to delight every design and idea while being at the same time as practical as possible.

We believe in our hard work and in that we are able to achieve every goal that we will undertake.

That is why we are also available for rent in a wide range of creative industries for various professions, projects and specializations.

We think that the products we release should always put the customer first. It does not matter whether we are dealing with games or a website, we put emphasis on creating experience that will be fixed in the memory of the customer forever.

Our passion and achievements make us evolve. We believe that the product is a truly real product only when it is finished!

Although we are only a small and independent studio without significant financial support, we are able to publish complex and unique titles, as well as create professional-looking websites that prove that we can still attract a loyal customer in a very competitive IT market against our adversities.
Give us a chance and you'll see for yourself!