Bartosz Zajkowski


Hello Again!

We told that we will get back to you soon and here we are!

We would like to announce new project, ladies and gentleman here comes:

CRUSADER’S FALL: Undead Menace

We can’t show you and tell you more yet but stay tuned for our latest news.



Tamer: Emptiness has been cancelled.


Unfortunately, We do not have good news for those who has been waiting for game because sadly we would like to announce that Tamer: Emptiness has been cancelled.

Both teams of ZAYKO Works and Haxo Game Studios suspend work on the Tamer: Emptiness. Cooperation with Haxo Game Studios could be very favorable however, we could not find a common language and basis for cooperation for our own reasons. Both teams decided that it makes no sense to continue this project, or at least suspend the work for an indefinite period.

Good news are that ZAYKO Works has already started new project, that information about will be given soon.